"Runaways", the solo exhibition of Antonis Tsakiris, the artist of the new generation.


Column Tilefos


by Eleni Bistika


The sincerity and strength that young artists' works possess, are their greatest advantage, because through them they can create new paths and find their own destination "clearing" in the forest of colours. Especially, the "Runaways" that Antonis Tsakiris recognises and honours with his painting, "are the anti-heroes in an evocative and bohemian atmosphere" as he describes them.


The "Runaways" are the theme, the city runaways, that one can encounter walking in the streets, turning on the TV, even recycling memories from our own faces, unlike the demands of our era, "whose shadow almost hangs from their faces". Like great and acclaimed painters who "write" through painting, Antonis Tsakiris solemnly declares that "with colours and drawing he expresses himself more easily".


I am acquainted with Antonis Tsakiris, who belongs to a family of literary tradition and roots in Smyrna and Crete. The opportunity to get to know him better and through his works at his solo exhibition in Kriezotou 7, at the Frissiras Gallery, will have to be catalytic. Standing "in front of faces, some of them familiar, some from "next door", some from a reality we would like to avoid, which, nevertheless, pursues us, we become painters and spectators "runaways" ourselves..." ,as the art historian Takis Mavrotas writes in the catalogue of the exhibition.


"Antonis Tsakiris, being addicted to life in modern cities, still perceives them as a refuge of artistic inspiration, where one can either be saved or perish. He keeps coming back to them himself..."We will come back after the exhibition opening on 29 November...