"Hydra,before and after the light",the painting of Antonis Tsakiris.


Column Tilefos.


With his first solo exhibition,organised by the municipality of Hydra, Antonis Tsakiris is enrolled in the great tradition of Hydra's painters. His exhibition, the opening of which took place yesterday at the Auditorium of Art and Concerts "Melina Mercouri" in Hydra (until 2 August) includes works from his favourite island, creations of love and deep sensuality through a conversation of colours and masses. The roof tiles on the houses of Hydra,the shapes of the cubes, the reflections on the blue sea, the sleep of happy Ionas on the balcony of Hydra (is that, I wonder, the epitome of peacefulness?), the cruel light on the dry hillsides that softens as time passes and becomes a velvet caress, all these things make Antonis Tsakiris' Hydra a place of almost a utopian bliss. At the same time, a symbolic place of simplicity as a way of life, of double interpretation of the landscape, as a place of beauty and contemplation, as well.

Art historian Athina Schina notices sensuality,imagination,realism in his work, and points out precisely and poetically: "The gaze and the palette of Antonis Tsakiris interpret the encounter of the rocks' ochre with the tile-red colours coming from the roofs of the houses,while the green shades of the trees emphasise the crimson reflections of the sunsets, where everything turns into an echo of bliss and nostalgia.